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How it works

Title Loans: How do they work and what information you need when applying.

A title loan uses the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay in order to provide you the cash you need. The lender will put a lien on your title and lend you the cash you need, provided you meet all the qualifications. You get to keep driving your car while you pay off the loan, once the loan is paid off the lender will remove the lien on your title and you will have a clean title to do as you please. It’s a pretty simple process but we want you to have all the facts when applying.

What is the process with I Need Cash Now?:

Our process is simple and consists of only 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Submit a form or call us:
    We make it easy for you to get a hold of us. We provide two different ways for you to get a quote. You can submit a form on this website, provide us all of your information and a Loan Specialist will call you back with a quote. Or you can give us a call at (877)512-3889 and talk directly to one of our Loan Specialists.
  • Step 2: Create your loan:
    A Loan Specialist will work with you to provide you a quote and arrange the loan that best fits your needs. On the call, the Loan Specialist will ensure that you and your vehicle meet our requirements for a loan. The Loan Specialist will let you know for how much you qualify, and what paperwork you will need to provide in order to get the loan approved. You will work with the Loan Specialist to ensure that you are satisfied with the loan you will be getting and that it meets your needs.
  • Step 3: Submit all documents:
    Your Loan Specialist will let you know what documents you need to provide to process and approve your loan. We make it easy for you to get these documents to us through email, fax or photos through text. These are some of the basic documents we need from you, but they may differ depending on your specific loan:

    • A Title to a car under your name
    • A government ID
    • Proof of income
    • Proof of residence
    • Vehicle Photos

    Once all documents have been submitted and verified, the Loan Specialist will inform you of your approval or any additional documents we might need.

  • Step 4: Get the cash you need:
    Once your loan has been approved, all documents have been checked, and you have agreed to the terms of the loan, it’s time to get your cash! We make this easy for you to get, providing three fast alternatives to get the cash you need: check, wire transfer or picking the cash up through one of our trusted partners.

Title Loans and Qualifying Vehicles

Will my vehicle qualify?

This is one of the most common questions we get from our customers. It is always a good idea to call if you are unsure if your vehicle will qualify and let one of our Loan Specialists get the specific vehicle details and run it through our program. Cars that typically qualify for a loan from I Need Cash Now tend to be newer models, lower miles and with a clear title. That is not to say that an older vehicle will not qualify, which is why we encourage customers to call us and get a quote. 

Loan Amounts

How much money can I get?

The amount you can borrow is dependent on a variety of factors which include the following:

  • Value of your car: How much equity does your car have? Meaning how much money can be used to back your loan. We typically lend up to a certain percentage of the car’s value, not the whole value.
  • Ability to repay: this means we evaluate the sources of income you currently have, as well as current debt and past history and we use this information and run it through our state of the art program in order to determine what amount you can get.

The easiest way to find out what you qualify for is to talk to one of our Loan Specialists by filling out our form today.