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Gold Program: Consolidate Your Bills and Save

I Need Cash Now Can Help Consolidate your Debt and Save

Often times it becomes difficult to manage different due dates, ensure all of them are paid and keep them organized with the hectic day to day lives most Americans lead. If you have multiple debts and find yourself constantly struggling to keep track of them every month and incurring extra fees, you might benefit from consolidating all of your accounts into one Gold Program loan from I Need Cash Now. You need to evaluate the rates you are paying on your existing debts to ensure this makes sense for you, but if you are having difficulty tracking all of your different payments, consolidation under the Gold Program might work for you.

How does debt consolidation and Gold Program title loans work?

The basic idea with debt consolidation is to take all of your current accounts whether is credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans and pay them off with your Gold Program title loan. When you pay off all of your accounts it may help increase your credit score, and leaves your with just one loan and one payment, making it easier and more manageable for you to keep track and make the payments on time every month. The rest of the debt is paid off and you no longer have to worry about those accounts. With a Gold Program Loan from I Need Cash Now you can get a loan with our preferred rates with APR’s as low as 35.99%*. When you add all your current interest, plus late fees and the damage on your credit score, it may make sense to unite all these accounts into a fast ans simple Gold Program Loan.

Don’t let debt get out of control, take charge of your accounts and with a Gold Program Loan from I Need Cash Now, pay your current debt off and keep one loan with competitive payments and rate.

Go for Gold and Don’t Wait Any Longer

Let I Need Cash Now lend you the money to pay for the debts you are losing track of and keep one low payment every month. Make your life easier and spend smarter when you consolidate your debt into a Gold Program Loan from I Need Cash Now.

Take action today, call us or fill out a form and let one of our Loan Specialist discuss how you can consolidate your debt with a Gold Program Loan from I Need Cash Now.


*Subject to specific underwriting criteria and ability to repay. In order to qualify, customers must have a 680 FICO score or greater. Principal amounts are $2,510 or based on state minimum. Other restrictions apply. Not all applications will be approved.