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Great Ways To Potentially Raise Your Credit Score


If you are suffering from bad credit, you share the same woes with many people. Millions of people have poor credit profiles as a result of some recent hard times.

The following are some things that you can do to potentially raise your credit score:

File Valid Disputes

The very first thing you can do to potentially add some points back onto your credit score is to file a dispute about anything that you feel does not belong to you. If you see a strange account, incorrect balance or any other incorrect information, you have the right to dispute the deadline. The credit bureau and the data furnisher are obligated to investigate the matter, among other things. If it just so happens that the account is not validly yours, and it has to be removed, your credit score may rejuvenate.

Get a Secured Credit Card

Secured credit card is another way that you can potentially raise your credit score. First, revolving accounts usually have more effect on your credit  than other types of accounts. Secondly, your chances of approval are potentially  higher because you will provide the card company with a security deposit to ensure that it can get at least some of its money if something goes wrong. Several companies offer secured cards, and they have some attractive terms. Some secured cards may even offer you the benefit of getting cash back on them.

Get Approved for a Fresh Start

A fresh start credit account is another route you may want to take if you’d prefer not to have a credit card in your possession.. There are many companies that have  a wonderful Fresh Start program that can potentially help you to raise your credit score significantly. They generally approve accounts for people who have extremely poor credit. You can purchase goods and pay monthly installments. Your credit score may get a boost if you make timely payments on your purchase. All you need to do is create an account and pay a down payment before they will ship your item.

Refrain from Making Hard Inquiries

Inquiries are tiny score killers. The credit bureaus may remove a point or two, or more, from your score if hard inquiries are placed on your credit report. Make sure to cut down on inquiries to the bare minimum because they usually take two years to come off of your credit report.

Short-Term Loans

If none of the above ideas sound appealing to you, you could always apply for a short-term loan and then build your reputation. You can consider this as a bonus tip. Title lenders can help you get the funds you need for short-term goals. If you pay the advance back on time, you will have a positive profile.

Make Sure Your Info is Accurate

Finally, making sure that your address and job information may not directly add points to your profile, but it will make your credit profile look more legitimate to your prospective lenders. Try it and see what happens.

All of these processes can work together to potentially polish your credit score.